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2021 Reunion

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May 28-30th 2021


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REMINDER: Our next scheduled meeting is our annual Lee-Jackson Banquet on January 12th. Please use this opportunity to invite friends and family to our Camp! Also, dress in your War Between the States attire, if you have it!

Commander Statement

As I write this comment, the ratification of the Electoral Votes from 2020 elections have been halted and the Congressmen and Senators have been evacuated. There are 1 MILLION Trump supporters in Washington and 500 TRUMP supporters on the Capitol steps. ANTIFA has broken into the House Chambers. ANTIFA has infiltrated the TRUMP supporters and are starting violence. I am looking at a picture of an ANTIFA SOCIALIST sitting in Speaker Pelosi's chair, laughing and making funny faces. One protestor has been shot in the Capitol by the Capitol Police. This election for President was stolen and the election on 05 JAN for the SENATE seats in Georgia looks like it has been stolen also. There will be a recount in both races.

In short, the second Civil War has begun. I keep hearing that Trump will soon arrest many prominent people from Washington to Hollywood for everything from Election fraud to Child Trafficking.

We have not seen this amount of division in America since 1861. There are 13 SENATORS and 77 CONGRESSMEN who are protesting the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Those of us in the SCV who value our Constitution, FREE ELECTIONS, Law & Order, and STATES RIGHTS could see all this coming for years. We must stay the Course and carry out our charter as enunciated by GEN STEPHEN D. LEE. We must protect our family, SCV Brothers and our homes from ANTIFA and BLM Marxist criminals. We must pray to our Lord JESUS Christ for guidance and deliverance in these troubled times.

It has been a distinct honor to be COMMANDER of SCV CAMP 129 for the last 2 years. I believe we have a good slate of Officers for 2021-23, a strong Camp and our FLAG flies high on IH-35.

Markham B. Dossett

Lt. Commander Statement

Greetings and happy January to all!

Important dates for January: 2nd - Second Battle of Murfreesboro (aka Battle of Stones River); 5th - Gen. J. Kershaw b.1822; 8th - Gen J. Longstreet b. 1821; 9th - MS secedes 1861; 10th - FL secedes; 11th - AL secedes; 19th - Gen R. E. Lee b. 1807 & GA secedes 1861 & Battle of Mill Springs 1862; 21st - Gen. T. Jackson b. 1824; 26th - LA secedes; 28th - Gen G. Pickett b. 1825.

2020, wow! Hopefully 2021 fares a little better. My crystal ball is a little murky, so I can only pass on those old standbys "keep on keeping on" and "keep your powder dry." Good luck to all of us!

The fight for the Confederacy and truth itself will be on everyone's agenda. We will do our best individually and together to educate and support each other. Who else will do it?

This month we'll have a changing of the guard with new officers being installed at our annual Lee-Jackson Banquet. Thanks to Markham Dossett for all his efforts and time! Our speaker will be Frank Bussey and he will speak on the Battle of Chickamauga. Additionally, he will conduct the installation of new officers.

Into the fray for the gray!

Chaplain Statement

Greetings Compatriots!

Well, here we are, finally over and done with 2020. However, 2021 isn't looking much better so far. More than ever, we need to pray for our country.The events that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol need to be investigated, but we must pray for all that were involved, and pray that our country can rebuild after this. 

I do hope that you and your families had a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I hope that many of you have managed to stay healthy. If you have not already heard, our Division Commander and Camp Member, Charles Oliver, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia. The last update I received was that he is not on a ventilator, but is extremely weak and sick. We also have had at least 6 other members who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past month. Let us pray for their rapid recoveries.

It has been an honor and privilege to have served as Chaplain of our amazing Camp for the past 4 years. Serving in this capacity has allowed me to grow better in my faith as a Christian and has given me the opportunity to be more involved in our Camp. I now look forward to serving in the capacity of Lieutenant Commander and continuing to serve our Camp.

I look forward to seeing you all at our annual Lee-Jackson Banquet on the 12th. Remember to bring a friend or two! Also, dress in your War Between the States uniform if you have it. I know I will!

Deo Vindice,
Koby Westbrook, Chaplain

Book Reviews

By Cary Bogan

“Atlanta 1864: Last Chance for the Confederacy”, by Richard M. McMurry. This book is a volume in the “Great Campaigns of the Civil War “ series, published by the University of Nebraska Press. This is a well written, brief, and concise look at the pivotal campaign of the entire war. Clocking in at around 200 pages of text this book is for both the introductory reader as well as the more seasoned one. Richard McMurry knows his stuff. It is a pithy that he is a relatively low producing author. Everything that he has written is worth reading. The five maps in the volume are reproduced from the large Albert Castel book, and are barely adequate. I have my trusty West Point Military History Atlas so I use that as my map guide, anyway. With that caveat, this is a highly recommended book.
“Six Armies in Tennessee: The Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns”, by Steven E. Woodworth. This is another volume in the previously mentioned series above. This time, the prolific and competent Steven Woodworth is the author.   Once again, this volume is an excellent and concise account of this critical campaign of the war. It opened well for the South with the bloody victory at Chickamauga, but ended with the demoralized Army of Tennessee being thrown back into Georgia in confusion. Chattanooga was lost for good., and the road to Atlanta was open for the yankees. This book is a shade over 200 pages of text, thus making it accessible to both the novice and lay reader.
“Cottonclads: The battle of Galveston and the Defense of the Texas coast”, by Donald S. Frazier. This book is a volume in the “Civil War Campaigns and Commanders “ series published by the McWhiney Foundation Press. This book is a brief look at the Battle of Galveston and it’s place in the overall big picture defense of the Texas coast. Mr. Frazier also covers the heroic defense of Sabine Pass. These battles ensured that the eastern most section of the Texas coast, the Houston-Galveston-Sabine Pass area-would remain in Confederate hands for the rest of the war. This was the most important part of Texas in terms of railroads and industry. This book is a highly recommended concise description of these events.
“Sherman’s March: Atlanta to the Sea”, by David Nevin and the Editors of Time-Life Books. This book is, of course, one of the Time-Life Civil War books. It lives up to the high standards set by this series of books. Despite the title, this book also covers General Hood’s Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville Campaign. It contains excellent maps and a vast series of superb illustrations. What more can one expect from Time-Life Books? These volumes are, in my opinion, excellent adjuncts to larger and more detailed books.